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Looking to be a semi-remote software developer?

Then we're looking for you!

Frontier Research is an Economic Research firm in Sri Lanka - this role is centered around building Frontier’s tech infrastructure.

What kind of projects can I expect from Frontier?

Our current projects include everything from client management systems to report management systems and even a custom email solution. 


We've also got a few other projects in the pipeline (like data portals and Machine Learning projects) and we need you to get them all going!


What’s the tech stack that I’ll be working with?

We use a JavaScript Stack, particularly, Node.js and React, to make sure our web-apps are functional and user friendly.

What’s this role like?

​This is an “almost full-time” position - it’s best suited for those who have enough time to work, but not enough for a full-time job; such as stay-at-home parents. 

This role is (mostly) remote. While you will be able to work remotely, you may also be required to meet us in our office or through an online call - we will try to accommodate your requirements when organizing these meetings, but it’ll generally be during regular office hours.


Sounds great! What kind of experience is required?

We aren’t too picky about experience, but a general guideline is anyone with demonstrate-able skills in Node.js and React - if you have any personal projects that will be a plus for you.

Sounds like something you'd be interested in? Sign up below!

Do note that we are very selective about whom we hire, hence our recruitment process is very intense. Applicants, including those applying for an internship position are expected to make a commitment to face around three tests which could be for a duration of up to three to four hours each, and at least three interviews. You can read more about our recruitment process here

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Need more info?

Here’s a quick run-down of what we offer our team and what we expect as well!

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