Our Team

Amal Sanderatne, CFA
Founder & CEO

Amal is an alumni of the London School of Economics, and is a CFA® charterholder. He previously worked at Jardine Fleming HNB Securities Sri Lanka as Head of Research. Following the takeover of Jardine Fleming by JP Morgan Chase he was transferred to Singapore where he led JP Morgan’s Asia Pacific ADR research and also managed the research of Hong Kong based Access Products Group.

Amal founded Frontier Research in 2001 with a vision of creating a firm that does great work whilst offering a choice driven culture to its employees.

Trisha Peries, CFA
Head of Economic Research

Trisha currently functions as the Head of Economic Research services at Frontier, playing a key role in the development of its macroeconomic views catering to many of Sri Lanka's largest listed conglomerates, private equity funds, investment banks. She plays a key role in providing and executing strategic business decisions for the firm as well as leading initiatives to develop new opportunities within the economic product portfolio. 

Trisha also functions as a Non-Executive Director at Hela Apparel Holdings (Pvt) Ltd and is also on the Board of trustees to the CEPA Development Fund.

While overseeing her 5-member team of research analysts, she also plays an instrumental role in providing short term trading calls of local government securities through the Trader’s Edge report series.

She has contributed to discussion papers released by the Advocata Institute on the subject of price controls in Sri Lanka among other working papers by recognized institutions on the export industry. She is also regularly featured in the media with her economic insights featured in articles in the Wall Street Journal, Nikkei Asia, Reuters and Echelon among others.

Nimesha Jayakody
Head of Sector Research & Special Projects

Nimesha currently heads the Sector Research & Special Projects team at Frontier Research and oversees the strategic direction and growth of the team. A key responsibility of hers is the successful delivery of regular reports on selected sectors, as well as making sector-based presentations catering to senior level management teams of Frontier’s clients. She also plays a key support role to the CEO in developing and disseminating the ‘Equity Strategy Perspectives’ report series, which provides varied perspectives on the local equity market with an emphasis on the direction of the market for asset allocation decisions. Her leadership role expands to the Business Development arm of Frontier Research where she is jointly responsible for acquiring, managing and retaining clients.

Nimesha has been featured in the media on a few occasions and has made tv appearances on Channel eye’s ‘Business today’ programme and TV1’s ‘Biz1st – In Focus’ programme. She has also acted as the moderator on two panels featuring business leaders, economists and sector specialists.

She loves to relax with a book in her hand!

Thanuri Thalagala
Head of Business Development

Thanuri leads business development and operations at Frontier, including client management, business growth, financial planning and budgeting. She graduated with a BBA(Hons.) Finance degree. She is a CIMA Passed Finalist and has passed CFA Level 1. 

She likes to relax with a good book on the beach or even just at home and prefers to end the day by spending time with her family. She’s also passionate about travel, preferring to go to “any place adventurous”, especially Jungle Safaris!

Anshari Perera, CFA
Product Head - Economic and Sector Research

Anshari functions as a Product Head at Frontier Research with roles in both Frontier’s Economic and Sector Research teams. She is responsible for macro-economic forecasting, which is critical in developing overall macro economic views, while taking the lead role in Frontier’s banking sector related products. She often delivers presentations catering to top management of firms on these key areas of work. Anshari has also been featured on LMD’s ‘Benchmark’ business program, which discussed her views on the Banking sector.

Anshari joined Frontier with prior experience in the banking industry, having worked previously as a Deputy Manager at the Corporate Banking Unit of Nations Trust Bank. She is also a CFA charterholder.

She loves to get lost in anything to do with art and creativity and likes to play with graphic design when she has free time.

Travis Gomez, CFA
Product Head - Information Services

Travis currently manages Frontier’s news curation products which is responsible for the delivery of Frontier’s brand of business-friendly & time efficient newsletters and other information products. He manages a team of news curators who work remotely and are responsible for the compilation and dissemination of ‘Time Twister’; Frontier’s flagship daily newsletter specializing in Economic and Finance news in Sri Lanka for which Travis was instrumental in its creation. Travis also plays a role in initiating and building business relationships with the management of various firms and has been sent to visit foreign clients in Singapore on behalf of Frontier Research.
He is also a member of the academic staff of a number of education institutes where he lectures  undergraduate students in the subjects of Economics and Finance and is also the Co-Chair of the CFA Society Sri Lanka’s Candidate Council. 

Travis likes to read historical fiction, high fantasy, graphic novels and listens to classical music. He also enjoys going on history walks and exploring museums and art galleries.

Chayu Damsinghe
Senior Product Lead

Chayu is currently a Senior Product Lead at Frontier Research and works with the Economics team. He plays a key role in the work surrounding consumer demand and sales patterns in Sri Lanka along with the impact of global markets on the Sri Lankan economy. He also takes a role in the development of Frontier's views on interest rates and the LKR.  He is also involved in communicating Frontier’s work through video channels. He has also been featured on LMD's 'Benchmark' business programme and Channel Eye's 'Business Today' programme on specific economic trends and global impacts on Sri Lanka.

Prior to working at Frontier, he was a part of the research teams at the Advocata Institute and the Green Movement of Sri Lanka.

He also volunteers for special needs and autism care and coaches debating to school kids. On a clear night after work, you can find him under a telescope with a notebook in his hand, jotting down thoughts about the stars.

Promodhya Abesekara
Product Lead

Promodhya is currently a Product Lead at Frontier Research and works with the Economics team. She is responsible for inflation forecasting, as well as for quarterly economic reports. She plays a key role in the work surrounding Frontier’s main curated products including the ‘Time Twister’ and the daily ‘Global Customized Summary’ as well as in communicating Frontier’s work through videos. She also takes a role in the development of Frontier's views on interest rates and the LKR. She has also been featured on Channel Eye's 'Business Today' programme on specific economic trends and global impacts on Sri Lanka.

Prior to working at Frontier, she has spent close to 2 years as an audit associate at Delloitte Sri Lanka specializing in internal audits.

Her passion for knowledge resulted in her spending most of her free time learning a new language or a skill. She strongly believes that a book can take a person to a different world and spends her time travelling those worlds as a get-away from any kind of a day.

Malitha Goonaratne
Product Lead

Malitha functions as a Product Lead at Frontier Research contributing to the preparation of client presentations, key economic reports, banking and equity reports. He is also heavily involved in the formulation of Frontier's economic forecasts working with complex qualitative and quantitative data in order to provide projections on indicators such as the Balance of Payments, Fiscal balances and GDP. Prior to working at Frontier, he worked as a research intern at The Institute of Policy Studies.

After a typical day of work, he could be found listening to different genres of metal music. He is passionate about music and practices guitar during his free time hoping to join a metal band one day!

Ithara Silva

Ithara is currently in the process of completing her undergraduate degree in Economics and Management from the University of London. She has completed the Operational Level of CIMA and is about to sit for the Management Level Examinations. She was the Secretary of the Interact Club in her school which was involved with various community service activities.

Ithara loves the idea of catching up with the many TV shows she keeps up with after work but also spends her time trying to bake all sorts of dishes. She plans to travel through Europe and visit as many places as she can one day.

Fazeela Nizam
Junior Software Developer

Fazeela graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Sciences from Rajarata University of Sri Lanka (RUSL). As an IEEE Student Member, she’d been volunteering for IEEE SLInspire in its Secretarial Committee, while being an active member in the RUSL chapter of IEEE Student Branches.

She’s very much into indie and art-house films though she finds it hard to go a day without her pop-music dose. Her idea of relaxation happens to be de-cluttering after a day of work, and moving away from her workspace during breaks. She also wants to visit Kyoto one day during Autumn.

Aaron Peries

Aaron is a third year undergraduate at the Informatics Institute of Technology, following the BSc in Computer Science program offered by the University of Westminster, and he works as part of Frontier's Operations and Business Development team.

He enjoys playing video games and eating Ramen! He's an environmentalist, a book worm and a lover of football. And he hopes to travel to Bali one day and experience many of the wonders of the area.

Pushpitha Geeganage

Pushpitha is a first year engineering undergraduate of University of Moratuwa, studying Materials Science and Engineering. And for his strong enthusiasm for development, he joined Frontier as a tech intern. Pushpitha also volunteers for projects in Rotaract club of the university and for Mora Esports Community.

He likes to tune in to a casual stream of Dota 2 on twitch after work. He also enjoys competitive games of cricket and Dota 2. He is also in to science and technology and hopes to travel to Europe one day to see beauty of medieval and Renaissance culture.

Emaad Rizwan
Trainee Associate

Emaad holds a BSc in Economics and Management offered by the University of London International Programs, having graduated with a second upper class.

After a typical day of work, he usually likes to go to the gym or meet up with friends. He loves the outdoors and usually goes fishing quite often, and his ideal travel destination would be to go to Switzerland and visit the Alps mountain range.

Nashalie De Silva

Nashalie graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Politics from the University of Bristol and worked at the EU Delegation to Sri Lanka and Maldives, prior to joining Frontier. 

She loves being outdoors, whether it be relaxing at the beach, or hiking up a mountain. She is extremely passionate about gender issues and one day hopes to be able to contribute towards removing barriers to education faced by many women.