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Frontier Informal Thoughts - Memos on the economy

What are these memos?

Frontier's clients would mostly know us for our daily newsletters, our regular research reports, and our advisory presentations. Through these and our many engagements, we have constantly strived to bring the most up-to-date, independent research on the Sri Lankan economy to the boardroom in a manner that is easy to understand and easy to trust. However, outside of these engagements we have also occassionally opinioned on aspects of the economy that focus more on "frameworks". During the Covid-19 pandemic, our founder-CEO Amal Sanderatne wrote a few memos titled "Informal Thoughts" on this sort of idea, echoing the concept of investment memos by global voices (Howard Marks' memos at Oaktree Capital were a key inspiration). 

As Sri Lanka moves through some of its most momentous economic challenges, the Frontier Team feels that continuing with these Informal Thoughts offers us a new way to engage with the Sri Lankan economy, outside of our regular client work. We're writing these memos from that perspective, to pen together our "informal thoughts" on the economy, those that might not fit within our general economic advisory, but still provide useful insights behind the frameworks that drive our thinking.

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Frontier Informal Thoughts - December 2023

Tackling Uncertainty in the Economy

2023 November marked 20 years since Frontier Research first started as an economic consultancy and investment advisory firm. Although our services have evolved over the years, there have been key principles and approaches that have guided us across these two decades. It is based off these key concepts that we work on bringing macroeconomic advisory and economic research to Sri Lanka’s boardrooms. With Sri Lanka standing at a crucial point in its post-crisis recovery, we’re writing this memo to talk about how our approach to understanding economics shapes how we view Sri Lanka’s outlook.

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