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The Frontier Way can be summed up by the following:

We think differently.

Independence & Trust.


Entrepreneurial decision making.

Embracing a growth mindset.



We think differently

We think and work differently. We are not afraid to give contrarian views that are well-researched. We have made flexible work culture our norm. The way we work requires commitment, trust and alignment from all and our thorough recruitment process is designed to find those who would thrive in this environment. But don’t get us wrong - we are open to differences in thinking and positive disruptions!


Independence & Trust

We are a subscription funded firm which works independently and that helps us explore all alternative views in the core research work we do. We value the trust clients have placed in us and the long-term relationships we maintain bear evidence of that. 



We believe that clear and open communication with our stakeholders fosters a culture of honesty and strengthens the relationships. Whether it is with our team or our clients, we prefer to be clear about what our expectations are and what they can gain from engaging with us.

We believe it is the right thing to do, to help team members find better jobs, and our clients better business partners, if Frontier is no longer their best choice.


Entrepreneurial decision making

We are an ENTREPRENEURIAL firm, evolving with time.

We encourage independent decision making and an entrepreneurial mindset among our team. We don’t restrict the team with rigid rules but expect good judgement to be always used. Freedom & choice comes with responsibility.  


Embracing a growth mindset     


We go by the mantra of “fail fast, fail cheap”. We encourage entrepreneurial thinking and a learning culture, and understand that overtime, as we fail and learn, we understand how best each team member can contribute to Frontier. We help our employees find their place in the team based on their skills, strengths and commitment so that we achieve success as a collective.


While we are driven by a set of value choices that are unique, our journey is inspired by the purpose driven path led by a diverse group of institutions including Semco, Netflix, Google and 37 Signals.

As such, we plan to grow in size and profitability, not as an end in itself, but as a means to encourage others to think about work more like we do.

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