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The Frontier Way


The Frontier Way can be summed up by the following:


  • 1. We help all stakeholders make the BEST CHOICE, even if it is not with Frontier

    We believe it is the right thing to do, to help team members find better jobs, and our clients better business partners, if Frontier is no longer their best choice.

  • 2. We are an ENTREPRENEURIAL firm

    …and we encourage an entrepreneurial mindset among our team.

  • 3. We value EFFECTIVENESS not Effort

    We believe you can choose to work smart or choose to work hard, or to do both.
    However you choose to work, Frontier values the output and not the hours put in or face time.


  • 4. To INSPIRE others to think about work more like we do

    While we are driven by a set of value choices that are unique, our journey is inspired by the purpose driven path led by a diverse group of institutions including Semco, Netflix, Google and 37 Signals.

    As such, we plan to grow in size and profitability, not as an end in itself, but as a means to encourage others to think about work more like we do.

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