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Time is our most precious resource. We believe in work that enables people to live better by using their time better.


For our team, this means enabling them to engage in fulfilling work at times that are best suited for them, in a flexible work environment.


For our clients, this means getting them the information that matters most to them in less time,through time efficient research and information services.

Our Services

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We currently offer macroeconomic advisory mainly in the form of presentations and reports, sectoral insights and information curations services.


Our online reports service, Frontier Athena, allows clients to easily access our work from anywhere, at any time, through a user-friendly platform.​


The Frontier Way

At Frontier, we support choice and believe in building a culture of trust among all our stakeholders. We are strongly independent, encourage entrepreneurship, facilitate a learning environment, value open and honest communication, support progressive diversity in culture, and are driven to inspire purpose.

Frontier Team

Founded by economist and entrepreneur, Amal Sanderatne, our team comprises of diverse young individuals with a knack for the industry and a thirst for knowledge carrying forward a legacy of curiosity, independence and respect for time of all our stakeholders.



We are looking for self motivated lateral thinkers who can work independently on research projects that offer our clients with a different approach to assessing opportunities and risks. We are interested in people with a curious mind who like to question the norm.

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