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Our Analysts

Amal Sanderatne, CFA
Founder & CEO

Amal is an alumni of the London School of Economics, and is a CFA® charterholder. He previously worked at Jardine Fleming HNB Securities Sri Lanka as Head of Research. Following the takeover of Jardine Fleming by JP Morgan Chase he was transferred to Singapore where he led JP Morgan’s Asia Pacific ADR research and also managed the research of Hong Kong based Access Products Group.


Amal founded Frontier Research in 2001 with a vision of creating a firm that does great work whilst offering a choice driven culture to its employees.

Nimesha Jayakody
Chief Research Officer

With a 5-year tenure at Frontier Research, Nimesha currently provides overall strategic direction to the Macro-Economic Research and Sector Research divisions, leading a team over 10 individuals. She is responsible for ensuring that the research insights effectively cater to the information needs of the business clientele and are delivered in a timely manner. As a senior member of the company, she oversees work on new product development, team growth and drives the firm's strategic goals.

She also leads the research on thematic Equity reports, which is a core part of our ‘Equity Strategy Perspectives’ report series, giving perspectives on the local equity market.

Before joining Frontier, she was an analyst directly reporting to the CEO of MAS - Linear Intimo, and was involved in several projects, in the capacity of a research analyst. 

She has made several TV appearances and has been featured in other media, while joining panel discussions as both a moderator and panelist recently. 

Thilina Panduwawala
Head of Economic Research

Thilina Panduwawala is Head of Economic Research at Frontier Research. He returned to Frontier in 2022 after an 18-month stint at the ADB as a consultant to its Sri Lanka Resident Mission. Prior to this in his previous four years at Frontier, Thilina led work in embedding politics into Frontier’s economic analysis and was able to provide fresh perspectives on the interactions between them, which have become an integral part of Frontier’s approach.

Thilina also currently functions as the alternate member to Frontier’s CEO on the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce Steering Committee on Economic Policy.

Anshari Perera, CFA
Head of Sector Research & Lead Macro Economic Analyst

Anshari is responsible for executing strategic and business decisions for the sector research arm at Frontier and oversees the team of analysts involved in sector research and news curation. She's also responsible for overseeing the macro economic forecasting function at Frontier and plays an instrumental role in providing insights into trading local government securities through Frontier's 'Trader’s Edge' report series.

She plays a key role in the firm's overall strategic and operational functions and in initiating and managing business relationships. She delivers presentations catering to the management of leading corporates and investment firms and her insights on the economy and banking sector have been featured on LMD and Reuters.

Anshari joined Frontier with prior experience in the banking industry, having previously worked at the Corporate Banking Unit of Nations Trust Bank.

Chayu Damsinghe
Product Head - Macroeconomic and Thematic Research

Chayu is currently a Product Head at Frontier Research and works primarily with the Economics team. He plays a leading role in helping Frontier understand debt crises across the world and tying those into the Sri Lankan situation. He also heads work around understanding Covid-19 pandemic and other black swan risks, and tying those into the macroeconomic stories of the country and takes a key role in in the development of Frontier's views on interest rates and the LKR and in the presentation of content to Frontier's clients. Additionally, he handles work surrounding consumer demand and sales patterns in Sri Lanka along with the impact of global markets on the Sri Lankan economy.

He has been featured on LMD's 'Benchmark' business programme, Channel Eye's 'Business Today' programme, TV1's, "Bisnomics" programme, and Echelon magazine.

Chayu also acts as an Executive Director for DaddysLanka (Pvt) Ltd, a family-run institute working in the field of special needs and mental health care.

Nashalie De Silva
Product Lead

Nashalie currently functions as a Product Lead and works within the Economic Research team at Frontier. She plays a key support role in Economic research for Frontier's reports and in presenting content to Frontier's client base. She also contributes to the macro-economic modelling and forecasting function at Frontier.

Nashalie has been featured on Channel Eye's 'Business Today’ where she discussed Sri Lanka’s Economic Crisis and necessary reforms, and also moderated PWC Academy’s ‘Quarter 02, Economic Outlook 2022 Series’. Prior to joining Frontier, she contributed to Economic Research at the EU Delegation to Sri Lanka and Maldives.

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