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Nimesha Jayakody

Chief Executive Officer

Nimesha Jayakody

With a 7-year tenure at Frontier Research, Nimesha provides overall strategic direction to the Macro-Economic Research and Sector Research divisions, leading a team of over 10 individuals. She is responsible for ensuring that the research insights effectively cater to the information needs of the business clientele and are delivered in a timely manner. She also oversees work on new product development, client management and team growth, with a strong emphasis on carrying forward the legacy and vision of vision of Frontier's late founder, Amal Sanderatne.

Nimesha also manages a family business in the manufacturing and retail space, which has allowed her to effectively use lessons learned to benefit both organizations in the past few years.

Nimesha was selected to participate in the International Visitor Leadership Program organised by the U.S. Department of State, in November 2023.

Media Appearances

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