Leadership Trainee Programme

Can't stand the thought of doing the same old repetitive thing at work? Look no further than Frontier's Leadership Trainee Programme! This is a full-time position where team members are recruited with the intention of being given different roles and will not be limited to just one specific area. You can read more about our Leadership programme here.


If you're on the lookout for an internship, Frontier is a great choice for you, especially because of our life-first and flexible work culture! We offer longer term internship opportunities for students interested in Economic & Sector Research. However, these are not your typical 1-3 month, short internships. Instead, it would be for much longer, and should be seen as the start of a longer term relationship with Frontier.

Working with Tech

We're looking for interns to join our technology team and help us build software systems to streamline and automate our internal processes and enhance how clients receive and experience our products. What are we working on? We're building the best news app for CEOs and top management in Sri Lanka (we hope), as well as websites and apps to manage our client subscriptions. We've got a few other projects on the pipeline (like data portals) and we need you to get them all going! Interested? Sign up below!

Kick-Starter Internship Programme

On the lookout for fulfilling internships? We think we’ve got what you’re looking for! Frontier Research is introducing our Kick-Starter Internship Programme, where interns are not constrained to just working in one team, but can work in different areas at Frontier. In doing so, candidates as well as our team at Frontier would find where they best fit later on! You can read more about our Kick-Starter Internship here !

Available Positions