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Trisha Peries

Product Head: Economic Research

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Trisha currently heads Economic Research services at Frontier and plays a key role in the development of Frontier's macroeconomic views while handling the overall coordination of much of Frontier's economic reports and presentations catering to senior level management. While overseeing her 5-member team of research analysts, she also plays an instrumental role in providing short term trading calls of local government securities through the Trader’s Edge report series. Additionally, she leads the initiative to ensure all of Frontier’s products fully meet and fit Frontier’s brand promise of being time efficient and business friendly.

She has contributed to discussion papers released by the Advocata Institute on the subject of price controls in Sri Lanka among other working papers by recognized institutions on the export industry, while more recently providing her insights on Nielsen Sri Lanka's Annual Review. Trisha also contributes her economic insights to articles featured Wall Street Journal, Nasdaq news, Reuters and Echelon while expanding her presence to TV media.

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