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We are looking for a Cowboy/girl Farmer, a Jack of all trades!

You may have heard the saying ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’, which sounds like a bad thing… But is it?

Well, the full statement actually goes ‘“Jack of all trades, master of none, though oftentimes better than master of one.” And that’s exactly what we are looking for!

A cowboy/girl farmer, what was that about? We’ve talked about it before in our blog post “businesses need cowboys/girls and farmers ­- here’s why

The farmer is one who finds a piece of territory, stakes it up, digs it and cultivates it — grows the land. The cowboy/girl is the one who goes out and finds new territories.”

We are looking for someone who sees themselves as a mix of both!

If you are a someone with a curious mind who has an interest in a variety of topics, is super reliable, will work with very few mistakes and can be trusted to keep the operational process running without much supervision, we have the perfect job for you.

Read on to get a sense of the kind of work you would be doing within the Operations and Business Development team at Frontier;

We believe this is our version of a farmer role;

  • Reviewing client proposals, invoicing and accounts

  • Non-software work related to Athena (our online platform which hosts our reports, blog posts etc.) which includes varied initiatives for client adoption and further developments.

As for the less operational and more inquisitive segment of your role (the cowboy/girl bit,) a couple of examples of the kind of work you’d be expected to do are detailed below;

  • Taking a leading role in building the Frontier brand through smart social media marketing and promotions, and driving engagement on posts created for larger communal good (driving socially responsible practices and behaviour).

  • Compiling places to have a nice, peaceful walk within Colombo which are relatively unknown to the masses.

  • How effective are vaccines against the Delta variant? Compiling the latest available research, statistics, news and structure the most relevant information within a short blog post.

  • Compiling and curating information related to various charities, giving a comprehensive view of their effectiveness.

  • If we are feeling really adventurous it can include compiling an article on how a private individual in Sri Lanka could book a Space Flight on the Branson/Bezos/Musk rocket ships, looking at the systems, the costs, where to book, what kind of training is involved, safety risks etc.

This role would likely either fit the profile of someone who’s just graduated looking for a full-time job or someone who would like to start off as in intern while studying and then looking to do this full time after graduating.

You might wonder why Frontier Research, a company that is more known for “independent and often contrarian outlook on exchange rate and interest rate movements” want to look at varied other things like the above.

We can provide more explanation on that, on our first call with you.

The right candidate will possess the following attributes;

  • A keen eye for attention to detail

  • A mindset focused on getting it right the first time (i.e. less likely to make careless mistakes)

  • Delivers work timely and reliably (being able to self-supervise your work, and can trust it to be delivered without regular follow-ups)

  • An agile attitude focused on being willing to continuously learn and adapt.

  • Inbuilt curiosity to search for answers and question theory

You may not possess all the skills explained above, but you could explore various types of work available at Frontier and discover what you’re really good at and passionate about. Take a quick guess at what you think you’d be best at and rank from best to worst.

If you love the idea of this job role but is confused about the job title, don't worry, we got you covered with the standard official job titles!

Send your CV to with a short writeup on what you would like to do most from the above-mentioned work, and give reasons for your answer, including which attributes you think you possess that make you fit best for this role.

What would it be like to work for Frontier?

We have a start-up mentality where we try out new things similar to what’s explained above, but we’ve been around for longer (18 years.)

These posts will give an overview of how we function and that we are not your typical 18-year-old company but have the spirit of a firm that is much younger.

Do read them all as we like our candidates to get a full sense of what we are about before you chat with us:

While we are of a start-up culture, going concern of our business isn’t necessarily something you should worry about, as many seem to find with most start-ups. Our core business has shown steady and slow growth, for those who are looking for a stable company overall, but a job that is flexible and supports growth in multiple aspects.

If you’re keen, hop on board to enjoy the ride!


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