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Anshari Perera, CFA

Head of Sector Research & Lead Macro Economic Analyst

Anshari Perera, CFA

Anshari is responsible for executing strategic and business decisions for the sector research arm at Frontier and oversees the team of analysts involved in sector research and news curation. She's also responsible for overseeing the macro economic forecasting function at Frontier and plays an instrumental role in providing insights into trading local government securities through Frontier's 'Trader’s Edge' report series.

She plays a key role in the firm's overall strategic and operational functions and in initiating and managing business relationships. She delivers presentations catering to the management of leading corporates and investment firms and her insights on the economy and banking sector have been featured on LMD and Reuters.

Anshari joined Frontier with prior experience in the banking industry, having previously worked at the Corporate Banking Unit of Nations Trust Bank.

Media Appearances

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