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Amal Sanderatne, CFA

Amal Sanderatne, Founder of Frontier Research Pvt. Ltd. (1976 - 2023)

Amal Sanderatne, CFA

Amal founded Frontier at the age of 27, with the vision of building a corporate culture which allows all its stakeholders to choose how to best use their time. Disillusioned by the 9-5 culture and corporate moulds which inhibit individual creativity, he envisioned a "life first" workplace which focuses on what's best for its employees and all its stakeholders. Amal believed in treating everyone equally, building a non-hierarchical organisation, providing a safe space for each one to speak their own views, while inculcating the importance of radical candor in all our conversations.

Prior to establishing Frontier, Amal was the Head of Research, Jardine Fleming HNB Securities, Sri Lanka. Following the takeover of Jardine Fleming by JP Morgan Chase he was transferred to Singapore where he led JP Morgan’s Asia Pacific ADR research and also managed the research of Hong Kong based Access Products Group.

We remember Amal most fondly for his unmatched intellect, his efforts to remain independent and unbiased, his ability to think way beyond his time, the respectful and uninhibited culture he built, the opportunities he provided for the young, and the infectious excitement he brought to the table every time he wanted to try something new.

As Amal would say "Change is the only constant" and everyone whose lives he's touched will keep his legacy alive at Frontier and beyond!

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