Abdul Halik Azeez

Abdul has over 8 years of work experience in the fields of banking, marketing, sales, journalism and economic research. After working as Product Head for Frontier’s Economic research arm, he recently moved to become a Senior Product Lead in Frontier’s information curation business.

He plays an active role as a citizen journalist and social commentator. An amateur photographer and aspiring writer, Abdul likes nothing better than to “get away from civilization” as he calls it.

All Media Appearances

Most common productivity killers in the workplace

What are the most common productivity kilers in the workplace? Data recently released by Pulp PR broke it down to four main things that today’s offices are unfortunately too full of. At Frontier Research we too have found ourselves grappling with these issues as we try to manage our resources in the most effective manner. The following will hopefully set out some useful best practices and our experiences when it comes to key productivity killers at work

From the Washington Consensus to a Colombo Consensus?

This morning Pakistani economist Akmal Hussein talked about how mainstream economics/capitalism teaches that inequality is essentially an un-avoidable by product of growth. He said that equity is not only a measure of social justice but can also be a powerful driver of growth.

The Death and Disgrace of Sri Lanka�s Labour Movement

Our product head Abdul Halik Azeez gives his views on the Sri Lankan labour movemnet

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