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Chayu Damsinghe


Chayu is currently an Associate at Frontier Research and works with the Economics team. He plays a key role in the work surrounding consumer demand and sales patterns in Sri Lanka along with the impact of global markets on the Sri Lankan economy. He also takes a role in the development of Frontier's views on interest rates and the LKR.  He is also involved in communicating Frontier’s work through video channels. He has also been featured on LMD's 'Benchmark' business programme and Channel Eye's 'Business Today' programme on specific economic trends and global impacts on Sri Lanka.

Prior to working at Frontier, he was a part of the research teams at the Advocata Institute and the Green Movement of Sri Lanka

Media Appearances

Economic Growth in SL: A Closer look at Provincial Performance

How has Sri Lanka's economic growth affected the country's provinces? To dive into answering this question here's our Associate, Chayu Damsinghe, taking a closer look at how different economic indicators tie into the stories of different provinces.

Economic Growth in SL: A Closer look at Provincial Performance