Ashini Samarasinghe

Ashini graduated with a first class honors in Business Economics from the University of Colombo, becoming a gold medalist for overall performance. She has been instrumental in creating key Economic models used in our forecasting and has taken on varied thematic research such as gold price movements, growth cycles of developing countries and money supply' liquidity.

One of her key strengths lies in presenting complex economic concepts in a candid manner to a general audience, for which her work has often been featured in various public media.

All Media Appearances

Filling fiscal gaps

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Provincial and sector household income growth in Sri Lanka

The Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES) 2012/2013 conducted by the Department of Census and Statistics covering a sample of 25,000 housing units across all 25 districts of the country provides interesting insights as to how income and expenditure at the household level have performed over time.

2016 The State of State Enterprises in Sri Lanka Report

Sri Lanka’s State Enterprises have burdened the taxpayer and have delivered little returns. Advocata's inaugural publication looks at the state of the state enterprises and looks at how they can be reformed.

Sri Lanka's economy in 2013 in positive rebalancing mode:Report

Despite a strong headline Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth in 2013, many Sri Lanka businesses serving domestic consumers experienced very subdued business conditions during the year. The reason as to why strong economic growth failed to translate into better business opportunities can simply be explained using a different approach in calculating the GDP

Opinion: Rite of passage, boom and bust cycle of the economy

Our economic analyst Ashini Samarasinghe gives her opinion on the Sri Lankan economies boom and bust cycle

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