Anshari Perera, CFA

Product Head - Economic and Sector Research

Anshari functions as a Product Head at Frontier Research with roles in both Frontier’s Economic and Sector Research teams. She is responsible for macro-economic forecasting, which is critical in developing overall macro economic views, while taking the lead role in Frontier’s banking sector related products. She often delivers presentations catering to top management of firms on these key areas of work. Anshari has also been featured on LMD’s ‘Benchmark’ business program, which discussed her views on the Banking sector.

Anshari joined Frontier with prior experience in the banking industry, having worked previously as a Deputy Manager at the Corporate Banking Unit of Nations Trust Bank. She is also a CFA charterholder.

She loves to get lost in anything to do with art and creativity and likes to play with graphic design when she has free time.

All Media Appearances

How the economy will benefit from the latest tax cuts

Here's our product head, Anshari Perera, on what sectors of the economy will benefit from the latest tax cuts and how the general public will see a benefit through the PAYE tax revisions.

Challenges faced by the Banking Sector in 2018

Speaking to LMD's Benchmark, our Senior Product Lead, Anshari Perera, explained what challenges the banking sector had to brave through in 2018. Take a look!

Implications of Covid-19 on the Sri Lankan Economy

What would life be like post-COVID?
What are the present implications on the Sri Lankan and global economy?
What are the challenges faced by Tourism, Banking, Real Estate and much more?
What would the future economic forecasts be?
What would be the opportunities for budding entrepreneurs?

How will the regulation changes effect the banking sector of Sri Lanka

We just passed the halfway point of this year, so how has the banking sector's performance been so far? Watch our Product Lead, Anshari Perera dive into this while focusing on the impact of the recent banking sector regulations on the industry

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